Grandad and the stolen smokie (and other silly stories)


“Uncle Charlie!”. I’d have belted that out had I known what was going on. Arbroath smokies are something else. Or at least I remember them being so – it’s been over 20 years since I last ate one.

I’ve never forgotten being at my grandparents, turning down the hallowed fish, then only to go and scoff it the following day and behold… It was gone. GONE! A tragedy, right there in the vinyltopia 80s kitchen.

All these years later, I still remember that same stolen smokie. Though, rather than the tea leaf being Grandad as I always thought, Uncle Charlie was the seafood crook all along. “Grandad would never have eaten it if he thought it was yours” – ahhh, Mums.


Funny how we unconsciously alter our memories, right? This actually happened – Charlie pinched the fish – but I always thought it was Grandad. Our brains are daft. But they’re also mind-blowing imagination machines.

I decided to share this real life fishy tale to kick-off a series of posts dedicated to quite the opposite – made up, just-for-fun stories.

In particular, I’ll be sharing the free writing stories I craft as part of my volunteering for Little Green Pig. I say ‘craft’ but really it’s a rush of thoughts dumped on paper in a “don’t stop!” 2-minute timed creative burst. It’s just one of the ways we get the kids to open the door to their imagination – and capture on paper. And as a volunteer, I actively get involved too.

So consider this an introduction to the pieces I’ve hurriedly scribbled down in workshops, mid-mentoring children. Who knows what the writing will surface. But that’s the point – to let creativity flow and enjoy it. More soon!