Nastygal opens first US store


Across the pond, there’s good news.  

Much loved vintage brand NastyGal are opening their very first store in Berkeley, California.

Mentioned before on Tinker Tailor, NastyGal are a haven for all things vintage and fabulous.  Their offerings include everything from dresses, jackets and shoes to accessories and even some rare vintage designer pieces at not too extravagant prices.   And for added value bonus, each item is carefully selected with current trends captured so as to ensure extra hot finds.

There’s no set date for the store to open as yet but if you’re lucky, owner Sophia Amoruso may make you an appointment prior to the big opening day.  

Since 2006, Nastygal have come a long way and with a legion of Facebook and Twitter followers, there’s no stopping them.  If your stateside, quick enough and can prove your fashion worth, they’re looking for an intern too – the perfect opportunity to have first pick of a very impressive vintage collection.

Sadly, for those here in the UK (including myself) we’ll have to make do with drooling over the website at maybe hope that with enough tweeting, facebook groups and admiration from afar, Nastygal will cross the pond to a very lucrative London market.