The Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club

The Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club

As the sun shines and Londoners put the riots to the back of their minds, today was a day of celebration for all – at least in Balham, where the Vintage Event came to town.

The event is organised by a mother and daughter duo and plotted itself up in the most perfect of locations; the long established Balham Bowls Club.

On stepping into the fair, the amount of dresses, handbags and all manner of accessories from yesteryear were somewhat overwhelming. It was hard not to feel a surge of excitement at the thought of all the wonderful discoveries ahead. At first glance, the Vintage Event was nothing but paradise – where was I to start?!

After flitting between dress and delicious-looking tea and cake stalls, I had already fallen in love with gowns galore and eyed-up a carrot cake to die for.

Settling on a purchase of a 70s leather coin purse and 30s negligee for an impressive £8, I left feeling thrilled (having stuffed my face with said delicious carrot cake, baked by Mother’s Ruin). Thanks to the Vintage Event, the retro lover can find beautiful, genuine vintage pieces so easily in a time when it’s becoming much harder to find a gem within the rubble.

Of course, it’s even better that they’re delivering all this practically to my doorstep, and at refreshingly affordable prices too. Roll on next month’s event!

vintage cameras

One of the lovely ladies from Mother's Ruin

Mother's Ruin Carrot Cake

girl in cape

vintage fair at balham bowls club

vintage necklaces

madeira bag


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Rock Road cupcakes

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