Meme: Seven things you didn’t (want to) know about me.


I hadn’t heard the term meme until earlier this evening when a friend tagged me into one.  So, after discovering that a meme is essentially a digital chain letter, be it a photoshopped image or a link that becomes viral, it seemed rude not to help it on it’s way. 

The task involved in this particular meme is to think of seven little known facts about yourself and post them for all to see.  It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally scraped together seven points my friends, family and fellow bloggers may never have known (or chose to have known) about me otherwise.  

1. I own 22 vintage dresses (not including the ones for sale).  I’m surprised, I thought it was a lot more.  I think I can safely say the number will continue to grow and with intentions to open a vintage boutique in the future, what more justification does a girl need?! 


2. I’ve tried internet dating.  And it’s not for me.  Less said about that the better…


3. I’ve technically had plastic surgery. When I was thirteen, I had a squint corrected in my left eye.  Pretty brave for a thirteen year old I think.  And, best of all (or at least at the time), I remember being told so from the hottest guy in my year.  The second part to this operation was to have my other eye lid lifted and corrected but I never had it done.  Those that know me might or might not have noticed this.  It gets worse if I’m tired so it’s always easy to spot if I’ve had a late night!


4. I own a Kandinsky painting.  Well, sort of – it’s tattooed horizontally across my back and has been there for eleven years.

5. I narrowly escaped losing a finger.  I’m a big fan of horses (and used to have one) but not when they attempt to eat your finger.  To see the sights of Bruges a couple of years ago, we hired a horse and carriage.  After stopping half way to give the horse a break, I spotted another very lovely looking horse which promptly began to eat my little finger.  It’s a long story but the short of it is that after three trips to hospital and plastic surgery consultation, it lives to tell the tale, complete with scar.  Bizarrely, I still love horses just as much.

6. I don’t really watch TV.  Music is my drug.  I’d choose listening to music every time over the TV but am rarely caught singing, especially on karaoke.

7. Born in a barn.  Ok so not quite, but when my sister and I were little, we had our own lambs and fed them with returnable glass irn-bru bottles fashioned into milk bottles.  My sister also had chickens and went on to bring home all sorts of injured animals including a seagull named Kehar (after Watership Down).  He live in a trailer until his broken wing recovered with a bit of help from my dad.  Or at least that’s what he told us, but I think my dad may have helped nature take its course and didn’t want to scare the kids.

When you get going, there’s quite a few things that come to mind and I could easily add a few extra points that would serve to make me all the more…unique?  However, at the risk of death by boredom, I’ll pass the seven step challenge onto my friend Andy and eZine Zani’s Editor Matteo.  



Clare: 1. Finger eating horse: 0.


Update: To keep the ball rolling, baton bouncing and incidentally – blog posting, I’ve roped in a few of my new lovely fellow bloggers.  So, its over to Melissa and Olivia for some juice on what you (and probably I) never knew about them.  Time to get sharing a gulity secret or two!