Global Guide 09 – Azuli strikes again

In preparation for Ibiza ’09 (and for a bit of an iPod refresh) I wanted to hear some new house tracks.  Ultimately, and after listening to a few snippets on YouTube, I ended… Continue reading

Funkerman – Speed Up

Amongst discovering many new, amazing dance tracks whilst sitting on the awesome Sairee Beach in Thailand, I was reminded of a few old ones.  In particular, Funkerman’s Speed Up blasted out as two… Continue reading

Balmain and the Soldier boy (jacket) blues

There’s no doubt about it, from fashion pack to Paris shows – Balmain is this season’s hot ticket. With a collection to literally die for, the french design house has got every one… Continue reading

Nastygal opens first US store

Across the pond, there’s good news.   Much loved vintage brand NastyGal are opening their very first store in Berkeley, California. Mentioned before on Tinker Tailor, NastyGal are a haven for all things vintage and… Continue reading

Jack Peñate – Tonight’s Today

I fly to Thailand tonight – I’ve finally finished packing, the rain just stopped pouring and just as the sun started to beam through, Jack Peñate’s new single Tonight’s Today came on the radio. A… Continue reading

Reiss to launch sub brand for 25 plus

As a huge fan of Reiss (and not so much of their over inflated prices), It can only come as a good thing that they are to launch a younger, sub brand aimed… Continue reading

Lace, Love and Louis de Gama

A long time ago, I heard about someone who was making dresses out of old lace curtains.  Yesterday, I found Louis de Gama’s shop on Cheshire Street in London.  Jackpot. There’s four simple… Continue reading

Radio One Live Lounge: The Fray – Heartless and a little man called Kanye

I don’t really need any more convincing to be a bigger fan of The Live Lounge, but Radio One and their guests just keep churning out more outstanding tracks.  The Fray’s cover of… Continue reading

It’s not that he’s not into you, It’s just not that good a film.

  I was reading the book almost four years ago at a time when i was in the midst meeting someone that really was that into me – according to ‘The Book’.  So,… Continue reading

Crazy Cousinz feat Kyla – Do You Mind

Between job hunting and writing my next installment for eZine Zani, I’ve taken five minutes out to lapse back into one of my biggest passions; music.   If you haven’t already, you’ll be hearing Do… Continue reading

London grinds to a snowy halt

There’s seven inches of crisp, cold snow outside my bedroom window.  So what does that mean?  London grinds to a halt.   Apparently, there are no buses, few tubes running and the majority… Continue reading

Kevin Yost – Insight

My on-going job search has pretty much been accompanied by Last fm for the last week or so, leading me to discover deep house DJ, Kevin Yost and his track Insight. It’s from… Continue reading

Daniel Merriweather says Change – listen up UK economy

Not only am I looking for work but I’ve just heard on the radio that I’m one in two million doing so.   I’ve spent the last four hours or so scouring the… Continue reading

Meme: Seven things you didn’t (want to) know about me.

I hadn’t heard the term meme until earlier this evening when a friend tagged me into one.  So, after discovering that a meme is essentially a digital chain letter, be it a photoshopped… Continue reading

To brogue or not to brogue?

Amongst the platform, shoe-boot and plimsoll, the brogue is making a come back. I’ve always been a fan of the classic men’s Bugsy Malone brogue (as pictured to your left) and in fact,… Continue reading

Screw chocolate. Make February 14th one to remember with My Bloody Valentine – 3D.

Ok, so the plot is guaranteed to be horrific (and i don’t mean scary) but anyone who knows me will testify to how much of an over enthusiastic horror fan i am.  So, it’s… Continue reading

Escape the cold with Deadmau5 & Jaded

Over the last couple of days I’ve been starting to think about my 2009 trip to Ibiza.  It’s not a holiday I want to get into doing every year (if nothing for other… Continue reading

Little Comets – One Night In October

I’m not usually a huge fan of indie music simply because it seems there’s just one band after another releasing pretty much the same track.  However, I’m quite taken by Newcastle’s latest export… Continue reading

Giles Deacon note cards at Smythson – now available

Just a really quick note to follow up on my post about Giles Deacon’s note cards for Smythson.  They’re now available to pre-order via Smythson’s website and with only 300 available (and a snip… Continue reading

Dead trendy. Fashion victims bid farewell to wet look leggings

Peel them off as er, quickly as you can and say goodbye to wet look leggings.  After little more than four months, the explosive trend of PVC, shiny, glossy, or wet look leggings… Continue reading